School profile

Dr RLR school is one of the pioneer institution in the field of Education. High academic standards are symbolic of its ideology and commitment to academic excellence. Within the broad based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and across the critical creative thinking skills, flexibilities of appraisals ability to work.

We understand the needs and aspirations of every individual.

Harmful chemicals under stress

These chemicals are not good for the brain. So no threats or excessive competitions at Dr rlr. Every child is a winner.

Revisiting frequently

o every topic is taught in multiple styles at Dr rlr, Jumbo Kids such as dramas, stories, puppets, worksheets and projects.

Healthy Activities

So all our activity rooms have aroma fresheners and each activity rooms is a visual treat of pictures and colours at Dr rlr.

Brain power exercise

Hence music and movement, parachute play and outdoor activities are part of the everyday activities at Dr rlr.